Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Resverigen Review

Resverigen Review

Resverigen is a new dietary supplement for anti-aging. Among the ingredients of Resverigen is resveratrol, a compound in red wine shown to slow aging and have several other health benefits. Resverigen:

• Slows, or even reverses, the effects of aging
• Strengthens the immune system
• Improves circulation
• Increases energy
• Accelerates fat burning
• Monitors insulin and blood-sugar levels

Not every product containing resveratrol is effective. Many resveratrol imposters on the market make outrageous claims for their ineffective products. That being said, there are also legitimate anti-aging supplements that work well and are backed by honest companies with fair business practices. We were pleasantly surprised to see Resverigen embody these positive qualities.

How does Resverigen work?

Resverigen works because of their winning proprietary blend of ingredients. This combination uses the best of antioxidants to go directly into the body’s cells and clean them of naturally occurring genetic debris that builds inside the cell walls. Studies have shown both resveratrol and acai extract to clean these cells and activate a response that prolongs their life. In addition, resveratrol plays an important role in insulin production and blood sugar levels that helps to prevent type 2 diabetes and help people who are already affected by diabetes.

Resverigen Ingredients

Resverigen is composed of several ingredients working in conjunction with one another to maximize and intensify the effects of each. The proprietary blend put together by Resverigen is the best we have seen. The ingredients of Resverigen are:

• Resveratrol – a compound extracted from red wine with anti-aging properties. Resveratrol is responsible for maintaining insulin and blood-sugar levels.
• Acai extract – comes from a berry in South America. It contains powerful antioxidants for weight loss and anti-aging. The acai berry is known as the world’s number 1 superfood.
• Green Tea – another strong antioxidant that can help in fighting free radicals.
• Grapeseed – has even more antioxidants to maximize the effects of resveratrol and acai.
• Quercetin – a flavinoid derived from plants. Foods high in quercetin are capers, onions, apples, and tea.

Buy Resverigen

Resverigen is sold primarily online. It is priced at a modest $88.33 for a 30-day supply. They offer a free trial so potential customers can see just how well Resverigen works. The makers of Resverigen have confidence in their anti-aging supplement and are sure their customers will be happy with the results. Since Resverigen is so fast-acting the trial period is more than enough time to see the effects with your own eyes. If, however, you are not satisfied for any reason, Resverigen makes it a simple matter to return the unused portion and obtain a refund.

Is Resverigen effective for anti-aging?

Resverigen is, without a question, is one of the best anti-aging product we have reviewed. Resverigen has gone through rigorous scientific testing to prove their claims to be true. The anti-aging properties are extremely effective and begin to be apparent from the onset of using the product.

Besides anti-aging, Resverigen is also the best resveratrol supplement for improving the cardiovascular system, reducing heart disease, and maintaining blood-sugar. We are so pleased with the results, we rank Resverigen as the number one supplement of all our reviews.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Wine Pill Review

The Wine Pill Review

The Wine Pill is a new resveratrol supplement designed to treat a variety of problems and fight the aging process itself. The Wine Pill is based on the extensive healing powers of red wine. A study found that French and Italians have a diet high in fat and high in alcohol but they enjoy much better health than the average American.

Some scientists isolated an antioxidant compound called resveratrol in red wine and proclaimed it to be responsible for extraordinary powers of healing and preventative health. The Wine Pill claims that it fights and cures almost every type of cancer known to man, including:

• Colon cancer
• Breast cancer
• Prostate cancer
• Leukemia
• Skin cancer
• Liver cancer
• Lung cancer
• Mouth cancer
• Cervical cancer
• Every other cancer that has been in the news recently

Besides fighting all the cancer, The Wine Pill claims to be an anti-viral, anti-cholesterol, blood sugar controlling, weight loss treatment. Can a product with such a sublime name as The Wine Pill really be responsible for so many health benefits? Our findings were disappointing to say the least.

How Does The Wine Pill Work?

The Wine Pill is said to work because the resveratrol goes straight into the genetic material of the body’s cells. This genetic material has a build-up of DNA that did not reproduce properly and uses the cells as an organic landfill. Resveratrol cleans up the cells of this genetic material and activates a gene that makes people live longer. Of course, none of this has been proven and remains in the status of theory.

The Wine Pill Ingredients

Besides resveratrol, The Wine Pill contains a few other ingredients. Separately, these ingredients have no cancer fighting powers but some are good sources of antioxidants. The ingredients are:

• Vitamin E 15 IU – Vitamin is good for skin health. There are no side effects.
• Resveratrol 120 mg – the red wine extract.
• Flax seed powder 50 mg – is a great source of fiber and is safe to take.
• Green tea extract 50 mg – is high in antioxidants and is healthy, but does not cure cancer.
• Grape seed extract 10 mg – has no health benefits but also no side effects.
• Superoxide dismutase 10 mg – is an enzyme naturally occurring in humans that can repair skin but so far no studies have followed medically sound guidelines.

Buy The Wine Pill

The Wine Pill is sold online via their website but it is really not one of the more popular resveratrol products. Their website is relatively difficult to find in a web search. A 30-day supply of The Wine Pill sells for $19.99 and a 90-day supply is $39.98. The price is fair but there are no free samples of The Wine Pill available and no mention of a guarantee of any kind. They are upfront about their autoship program and it is optional.

Is The Wine Pill Effective for Anti-Aging?

Although The Wine Pill practices good business and does not force a sneaky autoship program on its customers, the product still does not perform up to expectations. The Wine Pill also has some healthy ingredients and we want to like it, but the fact remains that it is not an effective anti-aging supplement. It is best to save your money to buy a product that actually works.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Resmedin Review

Resmedin Review

Resmedin is an “as seen on TV” resveratrol product that is sold on infomercials and online. Resveratrol dietary supplements are said to cure a legion of different ailments, even the aging process. Resmedin claims the benefits of taking its resveratrol product are:

• Slowing of aging
• Increased energy
• Fights type 2 diabetes
• Fights cancer
• Prevents Alzheimer’s disease
• Fights arthritis

In addition to these health benefits, Resmedin claims it is “America’s #1 resveratrol supplement,” a statement made by at least half of the products in our reviews. Just like those other products, there is nothing about Resmedin to make it stand out. This is what our review found.

How Does Resmedin Work?

Resmedin says it has a unique formula of high-quality ingredients. They have filed for a patent on the formula, but somehow we doubt they will receive it since it contains the same ingredients as the other resveratrol supplements that do not work.

Resveratrol is a substance that is found in red wine that is a powerful antioxidant. It was isolated after someone noticed that French and other European people who drank red wine regularly seemed to be healthier and live longer than Americans. The only effect proven of resveratrol is that it has an effect on insulin and blood sugar so it can provide some help to those who suffer from type 2 diabetes. Supporters claim that Resmedin and other resveratrol products activate a special gene in our cells that makes us live longer.

Resmedin Ingredients

The primary ingredient of Resmedin is resveratrol. Resveratrol has no proven health benefits. 90 percent of newspapers have reported studies that say it is healthier to drink red wine than to take massive doses of resveratrol. In fact, many scientists say it is not resveratrol at all that provides health benefits, but it is the small amounts (one glass of wine per day) of alcohol that provide the benefits. Resmedin also contains:

• Grape seed extract – has no health benefits but it is involved in many studies. So far, there have been no side effects noticed either.

• Quercetin – a flavonoid found in citrus, apples, and onions. It has been linked to headaches and mouth ulcers as well as interfering with some medications.

• Red wine extract – is a curious ingredient to be labeled separately from resveratrol, as the two are considered synonymous. Because of this, it is impossible to determine exactly what red wine extract is.

Buy Resmedin

Resmedin is sold online for $39.99 but it must be purchased first through a trial order for $6.95. The terms and conditions note that the trial order is not free. Unless they are contacted via the form on their customer service page within 30 days, you will be billed $39.99 plus shipping. This charge will automatically recur every 30 days thereafter until cancelled. Once the product is shipped, the Resmedin company will not accept returns and they will not issue refunds. Customers report that any threat to dispute the charges result in being advised that the company has never lost a credit card dispute.

Is Resmedin Effective for Anti-Aging?

Resmedin is not effective in any of their claims. The resveratrol may help those who suffer from diabetes, but even this benefit has not been proven. As most other “as seen on TV” products, it is best to avoid Resmedin and go with a product that works. There are some good anti-aging products that are effective.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rejenx Review

Rejenx Review

Rejenx is one of a multitude of resveratrol “wonder” supplements on the market today. Resveratrol is a compound found in red wine that purportedly is responsible for the health and long life of the wine-drinking French and Italian. Rejenx claims their proprietary blend of ingredients reverses aging, burns fat, and fights cancer.

The Rejenx website has a slew of information posted that suggests their product can make you live to 150 years old, cause your DNA to stop your cells from aging, and they make it look as though the product is endorsed by such respectable media outlets as CNN, 60 Minutes, and Fox News. Of course, none of these suggestions are true, although the website appears more respectable than any other we have seen.

How Does Rejenx Work?

The Rejenx proprietary blend is made through good manufacturing process using a cold method that is supposed to retain more nutrients. In addition Rejenx uses something they call nano-micro-nutrient-technology to direct the ingredients to the parts of the body where they are needed. Although directing orally ingested ingredients to various body parts is impossible, it does sound scientific enough for the average person to believe.

Rejenx is said to work because when cells divide, sometimes the DNA is not perfectly replicated. This bad DNA builds up in the cells and resveratrol cleans it out, which, in turn, activates a special gene that makes people live longer. Again, this process sounds good and makes for a great sales pitch but the underlying problem is that none of it has been scientifically proven.

Rejenx Ingredients

Rejenx uses a proprietary blend of ingredients with resveratrol being at the forefront. Resveratrol has proven to be able to help people with type 2 diabetes because it regulates insulin and blood sugar but no other health benefits have been proven. In fact, over 90% of newspapers have reported that it is safer and more effective to drink wine than it is to take resveratrol extract. That’s right. Alcohol is safer than resveratrol. Other ingredients are:

• Quercetin – a bioflavonoid that is linked to mouth ulcers and headaches.
• Baicalein – a mild antioxidant used in Chinese medicine.
• Grape seed extract – has no side effects, but on the other hand, it doesn’t have any beneficial effects either.

Buy Rejenx

Rejenx is sold online directly from the company with bottles of 60 capsules going for $59.95. It is also available from individuals all over the country, as the company appears to be geared more toward recruiting sellers in an Amway-type marketing program than actually selling any product.

Rejenx does not offer any free trials and only vaguely references a 90-day guarantee but provides no details. As mentioned, the Rejenx company is only selling product as an afterthought. Everything about the site is made to recruit new dealers.

Is Rejenx Effective for Anti-Aging?

Just as suspected, Rejenx does not come through with any of its claims. The Rejenx product doesn’t do much of anything and the addition of the ingredient quercetin makes people susceptible to debilitating side effects.

The Rejenx web site looks nice and their false information is presented beautifully, but reading through the information on the website slowly reveals that the executives of Rejenx aren’t interested in helping people. They are only interested in recruiting gullible people to sell their product to family and friends.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

RezVMax Review

RezVMax Review

RezVMax is another new product being sold as an anti-aging and weight loss supplement. It uses the primary ingredient resveratrol, which has gained some press in the last year. After a report on the news show, 60 Minutes, RezVMax and other new supplements went onto the market claiming that they specifically received the endorsement of the report by Barbra Walters. RezVMax states on their website that the product will:

• Increase metabolism to burn fat
• Lower risk of heart disease
• Lower cholesterol
• Increase sex drive
• Fight cancer and Alzheimer’s disease
• Reverse Aging

This is quite a list to try and live up to. It seems doubtful that RezVMax can be successful in providing all of these benefits.

How does RezVMax work?

RezVMax claims to perform all of its miracle cures by detoxifying the body. The makers of RezVMax tell us only 40 to 50 percent of the food we it is absorbed. The rest is somehow converted into toxins and stored in our body cells. RezVMax is vague on the details of this process but the rich antioxidants in RezVMax will remove the toxins, thus curing cancer, prolonging life, and reducing fat. These toxins are apparently the only factor keeping us all from being thin, attractive, and long-lived. RezVMax is just as vague in explaining how their product removes these toxins.

RezVMax Ingredients

Resveratrol, as contained in red wine, belongs to a group of antioxidants called polyphenols. Polyphenols have shown some promise in studies to help counter type 2 diabetes as it affects insulin and blood sugar levels. The resveratrol in RezVMax has not shown conclusively to reduce weight or reverse the aging process.

Resveratrol, as a dietary supplement, is largely untested and side effects are unknown at the present time. The makers of RezVMax do not divulge if there are other ingredients in the product and neither do they let you know exactly how much resveratrol it contains. It is dangerous to take any supplements without knowing what is in it and how much.

Buy RezVMax

RezVMax is sold online via a cookie-cutter website that is exactly the same as some other resveratrol products, such as Resveratrol Ultra. Curiously, their prices and terms are exactly the same as well. RezVMax is also sold on another website with a slightly improved design with similar terms.

RezVMax claims to offer a free trial where you pay only for shipping. However, when you give them your credit card number for shipping, they use the information to automatically enroll you in a subscription for RezVMax. If the subscription is not cancelled within 19 days of ordering (not when delivered), charge of $79.95 plus shipping will recur every 30 days. Customers have complained that when they try to call to cancel, either the call goes unanswered or the representatives make an excuse like there is a bad connection and they can’t hear anything.

Is RezVMax effective for anti-aging?

RezVMax is just another resveratrol supplement that does not provide any health benefits. RezVMax does not reverse aging and it does not help with weight loss. The RezVMax claims of curing cancer and detoxifying the body are also patently false. RezVMax offers absolutely nothing to the consumer and it is difficult, at best, to receive any kind of refund from them. It is best to avoid RezVMax and save your money for something that actually works as promised. There are anti-aging supplements out there that work. Your accountant and your conscience will thank you.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Resveratrol Ultra Review

Resveratrol Ultra Review

Resveratrol Ultra is another new dietary supplement containing the active ingredient resveratrol. Resveratrol is marketed as a miracle anti-aging compound with many other significant health benefits. Resveratrol is found in red wine and it is being held responsible for health benefits ranging from age reversal to weight loss. Resveratrol Ultra itself claims to be “America’s #1 Anti-Aging Pill.” Their website says it detoxifies muscle and fat tissues, burns fat, and cures breast cancer – all within days of taking the supplement. These claims of health benefits made by Resveratrol Ultra are serious and highly unbelievable.

How does Resveratrol Ultra Work?

Resveratrol Ultra delivers 125 mg of resveratrol in a capsule supplement. This is supposed to be equivalent to drinking 500 glasses of red wine. After consumption, resveratrol is said to not only enter the blood stream, but to affect genetic material. Proponents say Resveratrol Ultra will activate a special “survival” gene in the body’s cells known as SIRT1. While it sounds scientific and possible, there is no evidence that the SIRT1 gene requires any activation and scientists do not understand what it does beyond interacting with insulin and blood sugar levels.

Resveratrol Ultra Ingredients

There seems to be some disagreement as to the exact ingredients of Resveratrol Ultra since their own website does not provide any information on the subject. Some reviews report Resveratrol Ultra contains only 100 percent trans-resveratrol. Other reviews say it also contains sophora extract, an anti-allergen, and rutin. Resveratrol is an ingredient in red wine being held responsible for the longevity of wine drinkers in France and Italy.

Each dose of Resveratrol Ultra contains enough resveratrol extract to equal 500 glasses of wine even though there is no evidence that such large doses provide any health benefit. Such large doses may have serious side effects but it hasn’t been studied enough yet to know.

Buy Resveratrol Ultra

Resveratrol Ultra is sold online where they falsely claim to have the endorsement of the news program, 60 Minutes. The Resveratrol Ultra website immediately tries to pressure you into signing up for a free trial with a countdown clock telling you only 5 minutes remain to take advantage of the offer. This is also not true. Once a free trial is ordered, the company automatically enrolls you in a subscription. Your credit card will be billed a minimum of $79.95 every month unless you call in and cancel. The cancellation must be made within 19 days of the ordering date, not the shipping or receiving date. If it takes 10 days to ship, that leaves only 9 days to try it out.

Resveratrol Ultra says they have a money-back guarantee, but their terms are so bogged down in legal-speak, it is almost impossible to determine what circumstances warrant a refund.

Is Resveratrol Ultra effective for anti-aging?

While a single glass of red wine may have some health benefits, Resveratrol Ultra has none. Resveratrol Ultra will not reverse aging, it will not burn fat, and it will not cure cancer.

Resveratrol extract is a new and untested ingredient with unknown side effects. The Resveratrol Ultra terms and conditions are also so complicated, giving them a credit card number poses a serious risk. It is best to stay away from this product and look to others that actually work.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ProResvera Review

ProResvera Review

ProResvera is an amazing product based on recent resveratrol reviews that show the range of benefits that can be achieved with a quality resveratrol supplement. ProResvera produces proven results because of its special formula that centers around resveratrol, a substance found in nature in grapes and cranberries.

Science has been studying resveratrol for over a decade and multiple resveratrol studies have shown an increase in metabolism, more energy, improved hormone balance and more in people that take resveratrol regularly. These benefits have been seen for over a generation in countries where people regularly consume red wine, a drink loaded with resveratrol. It's only recently that science has been able to link the health benefits to this substance and studies have only been growing proving resveratrol's benefits.

ProResvera is by far one of the most effective resveratrol products on the market because it has the ability to help you lose weight naturally while promoting good health with its powerful anti-oxidant properties. ProResvera uses only the best ingredients and proven science to deliver a product far better than its competitors. ProResvera also earns top marks in resveratrol reviews because of its high levels of this powerful substance, whereas other supplements contain levels far too low to be effective.

ProResvera ingredients

ProResvera focuses on the main, proven ingredient that should be found in any resveratrol supplement on the market: resveratrol. This safe, natural ingredient is found in nature and backed by countless scientific studies showing its effectiveness at slowing the aging process, speeding up metabolism, boosting energy and even fighting free radicals, potentially stopping cancer before it takes root in your body. Resveratrol reviews have shown these benefits to be true with proper doses of resveratrol daily and ProResvera delivers on their promise by including only high-quality resveratrol in their supplement. The resveratrol in ProResvera is obtained naturally and is not diluted. When you're considering a quality resveratrol product to help with aging and boost your energy levels resveratrol reviews have stressed the importance of high quantity and high quality levels of resveratrol, both of which you'll find in ProResvera.

ProResvera benefits

ProResvera makes a lot of claims and lists many of benefits you can expect to see while taking ProResvera. The good news is all of ProResvera's claims are backed by proven science. They're always one of the top-rated resveratrol products in resveratrol reviews because, unlike many competitors, they use only high-quality resveratrol in high doses.

Resveratrol reviews show ProResvera has been proven to increase your energy levels and help you feel more youthful by regulating your body's hormones and improving your cell function. The resveratrol levels in ProResvera can also help greatly when you're trying to lose weight or burn excess fat. Resveratrol reviews also show the substance is capable of fighting free radicals that can cause damage to your body and potentially lead to cancer. All of these claims are backed by proven science. ProResvera is the leader in resveratrol products because they understand that quality ingredients lead to a quality product.

Does ProResvera work?

ProResvera is backed by the top resveratrol reviews and is proven to work. ProResvera contains high levels of naturally obtained resveratrol that is proven to be effective in anti-aging and weight loss, as well as boost your body's ability to fight free radicals and improve your body's hormone regulation and carbohydrate utilization. Resveratrol reviews always rate ProResvera highly because of its quality ingredients and its high levels of resveratrol.

Other resveratrol products reviewed on the market try to sell products with low and ineffective levels of resveratrol but not ProResvera. Reviews also cite ProResvera's quality customer service and affordable price, important details that shouldn't be overlooked. If you've been following the research about resveratrol's benefits and want to find a good resveratrol supplement look no more; ProResvera beats the competition because of its dedication to quality.

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